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Shibari 201 – Futomomo Leg Binding and Leg Lacing

Futomomo (or “fat leg”) shibari is the technique of binding the lower leg to the thigh. Kanso and True Blue (of Bondage Erotique) show how you can quickly and smoothly tie this important foundation of Japanese rope bondage, as well as a beautiful and functional leg lacing technique for tying the legs together. Learn about proper rope handling and safety, as well as some of the rich tradition behind the ties.

Photos for this tutorial include step-by-step images.

Ashley Holmes: Perfecting the Pussy

In this day and age where just about any body part can be made bigger or smaller or altered in some way, it’s no wonder that there is indeed "pussy surgery". Actually it is called a ‘labiaplasty’. I think that is when they reduce the size of the labia or ‘pussy lips’. And of course one can bleach that area. Those are external procedures. I suppose those procedures would best benefit the visual enjoyment for you guys. But we cannot forget the pussy itself. I’m pretty sure they can tighten it up with a stich or two. All this information is actually irrelevant to the point of my post anyways. There is another way to strengthen or tighten the vagina, kegel exercises. A ‘kegel’ is when a woman clenches or squeezes her pussy muscles. Age and giving birth are the most common reason that the pussy loses its original youthful feel. I have recently purchased balls for my vag :) Three little balls, each weighted from light, to medium,to heavy that I place inside my vagina. At that point I just go about my business. My pussy muscles are essentially always moving to keep the ball inside and in place. A strong tight pussy is not just beneficial for a man. Strong vag muscles make for better orgasms as well. Personally, when I am cumming I clench my pussy muscles something fierce!! All the way leading up to the climax.I also plan to keep the balls inside me when I come online next. I feel they will be a great conversation starter and of course, an interesting visual :)

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Carmen De Luz – Body Shots

Body Shots Body Shots

There’s no one in the house, you’ve got some cold drinks on the counter and bangin’ Latina in the room. This is one of those situations where a dude has to get down on his knees and thank the heavens for his good fortune. Though with Carmen De Luz around, you’re going to want her on her knees ready to play the skin flute with your hard cock. She’s the type of chick dudes dream about. Carmen’s a dark-haired beauty with enough junk in her trunk to make us want to do a little spring cleaning.

But Carmen wants to get dirty right now. She fills a cocktail shaker with her preferred beverage, shakes it up and pours a bit of it down her back and down to her phat ass. Our boy Rocky is there to clean up the mess using only his mouth. We aren’t mixologists, but we’d wager that a cocktail tastes much better when you’re slurping it up from a chick’s phat cheeks.

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Suzumi Wilder – Fruit of the Boobs

Fruit of the Boobs Fruit of the Boobs

We’re not sure what’s sweeter, the bowl full of fruit on the table or the cutie in front of the table with a sweater full of juicy breast. We’ve gotten to know Suzumi Wilder pretty well over the past several months, so we’re going to go with her. She’s as adorable as any girl you’ll ever meet, and with her DDD-cup tits, she’d be among the bustiest, too. Like most guys, food and chicks are our two favorite things in the world. So it’s only natural that we bring these two things together as much as possible. If you can think of a better pastime than an XL Girls goddess stuffing bananas between her tits and seductively licking and nibbling on strawberries, we’d love to hear it.

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Busty Ebony Does Anal

Black pornstar Jada Fire goes off like a firecracker and ravishes a huge black shaft. Click here for more photos!

Carolina Belle – Lights, Camera, XXX Action!

Lights, Camera, XXX Action! Lights, Camera, XXX Action!

Carolina shows up at an audition to show this Hollywood executive (yeah, right) what she’s got. A pretty blonde with curves, a plump ass and small tits? He’s got the perfect role for her. It involves a little bit of nudity though. Carolina is okay with that. He tells her it also involves licking his dick and sticking it in her pussy. Luckily Carolina was horny today anyway! She gladly gives up her pussy and puts on a show for the camera. The highlight of this segment is definitely her luscious tan ass bouncing up and down while she gets a hosing. We don’t know about major motion pictures, but Carolina definitely has a bright future in porn.

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Chrissy Marie Gets Playful Outdoors!



Cute and young brunette, Chrissy Marie, gets a little naughty outdoors!

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Teddy – Sandy & Sexy

Sandy & Sexy Sandy & Sexy

Occupation: Student; Age: 19; Born: October 10; Ht: 5’5″; Wt: 111 pounds; Bras: 32A; Panties: Thongs; Anal: I did it once; BJs: I usually spit; Diddle: Yes!

There’s nothing like a nice walk along the beach with a beautiful teenager and a camera. That’s exactly what Brandon, Teddy’s boyfriend and aspiring photographer, was doing when he snapped these pictures. Teddy explained, “He wants to become a sports photographer, like the guys on the sidelines snapping shots when the athletes come close. He’s really good at what he does, he just needs to practice shooting in different lights. That’s why we drove to the beach. We’ve gone to the nude beach a couple of times, so he suggested that I take off my clothes. I’m always up for adventure, so I started stripping!”

“I kind of thought that Brandon would keep these photos just for himself. I was really surprised when he said that he was thinking about sending them to your magazine. He’s usually so jealous! He eyeballs every guy who checks me out in public. The drinking age is 19 in British Columbia, so when we go out there are a lot of guys my age who are drunk and want to hit on me. He puts a stop to flirting pretty quickly, so I was nervous when he said it would be hot to think about other guys jerking off to my pictures. I didn’t want him to go crazy, but the idea is so hot that I couldn’t say no. It’s really exciting!”

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Wet Amateur Slit

Plump racked babe bathing her hairy pussy. Check out for more high-res photos of this gallery!

Darryl Live Lesbians MILF Sex

Blonde milf vixen Darry Hanah showing off her boobs and huge strap on dildo live. Click here to view this gallery.