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Sable Renae – Get your sword ready for Sable Renae

Get your sword ready for Sable Renae Get your sword ready for Sable Renae

Sable Renae, a 44-year-old wife, mother and exotic dancer, makes her debut by hopping on top of JMac’s cock. Sucking it, too. Yes, Sable is an exotic dancer. She’s been one on and off for over 20 years, and these days, she’s at the Fantasy Gold Club in Long Beach, California, so if you’re ever in the SoCal area, drop by for a lap dance. You’ll be glad you did.

“Pole work gives me a good workout,” Sable said, referring to the pole on-stage and the pole in guys’ pants.

Born in Germany, Sable was an Air Force brat who grew up in the southern United States. She recently moved from Oklahoma to California with her husband and a second significant other. But that’s a story for another day. Check out the upcoming interview.

In addition to dancing, Sable has spent a lot of time working in corporate America. A few times, people she works with have stumbled upon her at the clubs. Most recently, she gave her boss a lap dance. That’s another story she tells in her interview.

Sable likes being spanked. She’s a live steel sword fighter, meaning she fights with real steel swords, not the flexible fencing stuff. Yep, she’s a tough girl. But she has the femininity and the touch to make you feel really good.

“For most of my life, the wilder side of my sex drive and urges were locked up in a box that said, ‘Break in case of marriage to a lawyer or doctor and only in private,'” Sable said. “Then my kids grew old enough to be on their own. No doctor or lawyer, just me taking my life back and my bucket list with it.”

Doing this was on her bucket list. We’re glad we could help her out.

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Dede Lopez – Heel Boy

Heel Boy Heel Boy

“There’s something about being in pantyhose that gets me really hot. At home I squeeze into a pair of nylons and nothing else. I roll around in different positions so my clit rubs on the crotch patch. I’ve ruined many pairs of hose by ripping out the pussy guard after I’ve soaked it so I can smell my cum. Then I scratch the silky fabric on my legs as I stuff my freed twat with a dildo. The orgasm that follows is volcanic. After I’m done I’ll wipe my pussy up with the stockings and save them for later. Sometimes I wear them again. I’ve never revealed this to anyone before, so if you see me with a stain on my stockings, now you’ll know where it came from.”

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Chrissy Marie Plays With Her Shaved Clit!


Young Chrissy Marie loves to feel her clit grow bigger as she plays with it!

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Sammy Daniels – Perky & Pink

Perky & Pink Perky & Pink

Sammy is perky up top and pink down below. Of course, we’re talking about her tits and her pussy, respectively.
Her small chest lends itself to her petite, slender frame. And being that she’s an adorable, fresh teeny, it’s no surprise that her cunny is a tight, glorious pink honeypot. Sammy is almost too sweet to be getting naked in front of a camera, but we’re glad she decided to listen to the devil on her shoulder. “People would definitely be shocked to find out I did this. I’m not a girl you would expect to be in porn. I dress very casual. I don’t party. I’m actually very shy when it comes to talking about sex. But I guess there’s a little naughty bit inside of me that wanted to be wild.”

Getting her to talk about her sex experiences was tough!
Sammy wasn’t kidding when she said she’s shy about sex. When we asked her about her kinkiest experience all she would do is giggle and cover her mouth with her hand. After her blushing subsided, we got a little bit out of her. “I don’t know if this is exactly kinky, but one time I had sex with a guy in a car in a parking lot. It was late at night, and the windows got all fogged up. He was older, like 35. The cops even showed up, but just flashed their lights and told us to leave.”

Sammy wants to know more about girls.
“One thing that got me interested in shooting was possibly being with a girl. I’m not very sexually experienced, so it would be a good way to have my first lezzie encounter. I love guys, but I’m curious about girls! And I think I’m too shy to make it happen in my personal life. I need a more experienced girl to show me the ropes. I’ve been bi-curious because I think that girls would be really good at going down on me. I guess I’ll see what happens! Getting naked for the camera has already gotten me to be a little more open and comfortable with my body. Who knows what’ll happen next!”

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Thalia Tate – Sex Doll

Sex Doll Sex Doll

Thalia Tate is an easy girl to please. If you’re not available and she needs to get off, she’ll call you up and masturbate to the sound of your voice. And if you can come over, she’s into whatever you’re into.

“I’m pretty much the submissive type,” Thalia said. “I just let my man take over. If he comes in and wants to fuck my face, I’ll let him do that. I’ve had other guys who just wanted to eat my pussy and my ass. What girl wouldn’t love that?”

All of that sounds great, but we’re greedy here at BootyLicious. We’d want to fuck Thalia’s face, devour her cunt and then stuff our cocks inside her. If we’re with a girl like this, we’re going to bite off more than we can chew.

“Dominance in a man turns me on,” Thalia added. “If you throw me onto the bed, bend me over and shove your cock inside me, you’re going to get me off very quickly. Make me your sex doll.”

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Brooke – POV Girlfriend

POV Girlfriend POV Girlfriend

Step right into the action with Brooke, a horny, young bartender originally from Las Vegas who now resides in Florida. She wanted to put on a show, so she slides her tight jeans down and reveals her freshly-shaved cunt, just waiting to be finger-fucked. She’s not the biggest fan of panties, so those need to come off, too. “Who needs panties?” she asked. “I only wear them when I feel like giving guys a tease. I like stripping them off slowly.”

Brooke is a wild girl. We asked her what she would like to try most in life. She responded, “I’ve always wanted to fuck while skydiving.” That’s pretty wild.

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Lady K. gets bored easily. After having spanked and waxed her black slave, she focuses her attention on her male service slut again. The poor fellow gets his dick and his balls squeezed in a vicious construction whose only pupose is to inflict as much pain as possible on male genitalia . . . Click here to Download the full movie!

Desirae – Pool It, Baby

Pool It, Baby Pool It, Baby

Key Largo? No, Desirae is in “tropicaliente” Miami this time, blocked up to prevent a nasty sunburn on that fair, sensitive skin. That in itself is a sight to behold: seeing those huge boobs being rubbed with white goo. Glorious. Who likes floating boobs? Anyone? This photo set was taken on a beautiful, clear day during one of Desi’s recent trips to SCORELAND. Sometimes, it’s important to get out of the studio, although the preparation for outdoor shoots is far more intensive. Desirae enjoys pools and beaches, and had a blast in Key Largo, so the day here was a fun day for her. “Do I look fat?” she asked with that self-conscious tone of voice and frowning expression, as she held a hand over her tummy. You guys know how girls are. Sensitive. “No, you do not,” the crew said. “You look beautiful.” During breaks, Desi laid back on a lounge chair in the shade, read her romance novel of the week and sipped on a few iced teas. She seemed content. She looks happy in the photos. It was a good day; as good as it gets. Everyone went home beat but felt productive. Here’s the proof.

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Young Emily Strips and Dildos Her Twat!




Emily likes to tease in her tiny girlie panties before banging her pussy with her vibrator!

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Big Boobs Banging

Pornstar Eva posing and showing off her sexy big tits before a hunk crams her slit with his big dick. Check out for more high-res photos of this gallery!